Lower Your Healthcare Costs Through Accurate Diagnosis and Optimal Treatment Outcomes for Joint, Spine, and Pain Care

What are MSK Health Innovations’ claims differential?

$49,409 Non-MSK Health Innovations Average Cost vs. $35,028 MSK Health Innovations Average Cost (1)

These savings come from:

  • 40% fewer procedures, reduced surgical interventions, and reduced imaging
  • Better diagnostic methodology that allows MSK Health Innovations to eliminate unnecessary procedures
  • Utilizing effective therapeutic innovations years before, if ever, becoming “standard of care” in the current healthcare system. (2)
  • Removing the barriers and allowing accomplished physicians to compete for the best outcomes
  1. Healthentic data for five years of 675,000 employer-covered members showed the average comparative patient cost was $49,409 and MSK Health Innovations patients in 2017 averaged $35,028
  2. Is “Experimental” Just Another Way for Your Insurer to Deny Coverage? Medical Experts Wonder, too.” No Patient Left Behind, June 7, 2021

Partnering with the most knowledgeable and skilled physicians and providers, MSK Health Innovations achieves:

Optimal treatment outcomes by creating an environment that unleashes talent

Productive, meaningful communication

Rapid coordination of expertise

Ever-improving best practices

Healing Patients. Reinventing Join, Spine, and Pain Care:

How MSK Health Innovations Works