About MSK Health Innovations

How MSK Health Innovations Helps Employers Save on joint and pain costs

We recruit the most knowledgeable and skilled physicians and providers specializing in musculoskeletal, pain and spine conditions.

MSK Health Innovations is a paradigm shift that solves many of the challenges that face the current U.S. Healthcare system.

MSK Health Innovations is the solution to that struggling model, proven by results. MSK Health Innovations aligns the interests of the patients, physicians and payers.

– Bradley D. Vilims, M.D., D.A.B.P.M Founder/CEO, MSK Health Innovations, LLC


How We Think

Healing Patients. Reinventing Joint, Spine, and Pain Care

At MSK Health Innovations, we believe that serving the patient — NOT the medical system bureaucracy — should be the primary focus of medical care.

Partnering with the most knowledgeable and skilled physicians and providers, MSK Health Innovations achieves:

Optimal treatment outcomes by creating an environment that unleashes talent

Productive, meaningful communication

Rapid coordination of expertise

Our Mission

MSK Health Innovations’ mission is to bring destructive innovation and free market principles to a failed U.S healthcare system

Founder and CEO of MSK Health Innovations
Bradley D. Vilims, MD, DABPM

Dr. Vilims is a board certified Anesthesiologist and a Diplomat of the American Board of Pain Medicine. He completed a twelve-month Fellowship in Interventional Pain Medicine (IPM) at the Bowman Gray School of Medicine. Dr. Vilims specializes in diagnostic and therapeutic spinal injections and advanced interventions with over 27 years of experience, and holds numerous patents in the fields of regenerative medicine, neuromodulation, and RF thermal coagulation, with products marketed worldwide. Dr. Vilims has been practicing in Colorado since 2000 and is the CEO and President of MSK Health Innovations, and Colorado Pain Specialists.

Boards & Membership Affiliations

Dr. Vilims has served on many advisory and quality assurance committees and boards such as the Occupational Medicine Advisory Board of the Colorado Medical Society, Sloan’s Lake Quality Assurance Committee and he served as the IPM Advisor for Pinnacol Assurance. Dr. Vilims is the Past President of the Colorado Society of Interventional Pain Physicians and is a member of the Colorado Pain Society, American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), North American Spine Society (NASS), The American Board of Pain Medicine, and the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP). Dr. Vilims is a member of, and master instructor/speaker for, The Spine Intervention Society, and has been a featured speaker/instructor for ISIS Munich Germany, the British Pain Society, and NASS Dubai, United Arab Emirates “Spine Masters.”