Healing Patients
Reinventing Joint, Spine, and Pain Care

Welcome to the MSK Health Innovations Family! Your organization now has access to an exclusive team of exceptional doctors.

MSK Health Innovations is a high-performance network of joint, spine, and pain specialists. We heal joint and pain patients through outcome-driven performance, collaboration, and innovation.

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Having MSK Health Innovations as part of your health benefits, You will experience:

Frequently have an accurate diagnosis within one day – rather than months

Be treated by a multidisciplinary physician and Healthcare Professionals team

Work toward achieving optimal results – and not continue unhelpful treatment

Pharmacy benefits that produce demonstrable benefit and optimal results

Overview of the MSK Health Innovations experience:

  • If you are experiencing a joint, spine, or pain condition requiring treatment
  • MSK Health Innovations is notified (or contracted directly) and an introduction to an MSK Health Innovations Care Concierge is made.
  • The Care Concierge will ask a few questions to better understand what you are going through
  • You will then meet with the conservative care team and/or the MSK Health Innovations Quarterback (lead doctor) who will coordinate your care
  • The MSK Health Innovations team of specialists then uses data-driven teamwork to optimize treatment and care outcomes
  • Results? A return to work and life – faster

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You Made the Wise Choice With MSK Health Innovations

MSK Health Innovations Quarterbacks (lead doctors) and their specialist physicians and healthcare professionals teams, are a breed apart.

MSK Health Innovations seeks out and recruits the most knowledgeable and skilled physicians and providers, all of whom have earned the respect of their colleagues and high reviews from their patients. In short, these are the specialists that other doctors, nurses, and industry insiders send themselves and their family members to.

MSK Health Innovations proprietary software compares and measures patient outcomes, providing actionable feedback to these select physicians, promoting:

  • Collegial sharing of leading-edge treatments and procedures
  • Ever-improving best practices
  • Continued success in achieving optimal patient results at lower net cost